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Year-end giving checklist

'Tis the season for year-end giving. Take a look at our straightforward checklist and make sure you are taking advantage of this season of giving.

Did you know that 31% of annual giving happens in December? Christmas brings a sense of generosity and kindness - and that extends to fundraising.

It’s not too late to benefit from year-end giving! We’ve created a checklist to help your organization take full advantage of this season of giving.

Build a landing page


You can do this easily with Action Pages. Make sure the page is branded specifically for end of year giving.

The page should clearly explain your fundraising goal and how donations will make an impact.

Don’t forget to enable recurring giving options on the donation form! More on that next.

Encourage recurring giving


One-time gifts are wonderful and appreciated, but a recurring gift is even better.

Donations that are given on a monthly or weekly basis compound over time.

Not only do they add up, but they help create a sustainable revenue stream for your organization to continue making an impact.

You could even use a recurring upsell to prompt your donor to change their gift to recurring. If this option is selected, the donation will automatically be given on a recurring basis.

Get the word out


Once your donation page is ready, the next step is to tell your supporters about it.

Post about it on social media, send an email, and spread the message via word of mouth. Make sure the messaging is consistent across all channels.

An effective tactic is to record a video making a personal appeal for donations. It doesn't have to be anything sophisticated or fancy.

You can use your smartphone or a cheap video camera. The point is to make a personal connection with your supporters.

Here are a few tips on getting started with video.

Say thank you

Make sure your automated email receipts are customized around the end of year giving campaign.

More importantly, make sure you show your appreciation for the donation by saying thank you.

Remember, fundraising is about building a sustainable community of donors that continually provide support for your cause.

Act now!

The end of the year is quickly approaching, so don’t delay on deploying these tactics!

If you need pointers or help fine-tuning your landing page, please reach out to us.

We are standing by to help make sure your year-end giving campaign is the best it can be!


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