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Text to give for churches

Is your church using text to give? Learn all about text to give, including how to implement it & the benefits of text to give for churches and ministries.

Text to give is becoming a more and more popular giving tool for churches.

Text giving is easy to use, inexpensive, and encourages faithful stewardship. According to recent studies, the average size of text to give donations was $107!

Read on to find out exactly how text to give works, and why it’s so popular with churches and faith-based organizations.

What is text to give?


Text to give is a tool that allows givers to make a donation by texting a unique keyword to a specific phone number.

Each church has a unique keyword associated with their organization, so donations always go to the right account.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for a text to give service. Pro-tip: Text to give is completely free with every Anedot account.
  2. Choose your unique keyword. The best keywords are short and easy to remember.
  3. The text to give provider will give you a phone number.
  4. Church members text the unique keyword to the phone number.

    To: XXXXXX
    Message: KEYWORD

  5. The church member is immediately sent a link to the church’s donation page.
  6. The donor can then make a secure donation.

Now here’s the best part: After the church member follows the process above, they’ll only need to text the keyword and the amount they’d like to give. The next time they give, they can skip the donation form completely.

This is what the process looks like after the first donation is made:

  1. The church member texts the keyword, along with the amount that they’d like to give.

    To: XXXXXX
    Message: KEYWORD $50

  2. That’s it. The donation will be processed immediately.

That’s what makes text to give so appealing for givers. It’s just so simple.

Here are a few more reasons churches use text to give:


Kiosk replacement

Text to give can allow your church to replace the outdated, expensive giving kiosks with a touch-free solution. Not only are giving kiosks expensive, but they’re also unnecessary. Text to give is faster, less costly, and an all around cleaner solution.

Encourages faithful giving

Text to give empowers stewardship because it simplifies the giving process. When tithes and offerings can be given by sending a text message, givers do not even have to worry about filling out forms. They can give easily and consistently with text to give.


Generally speaking, text to give is inexpensive. If you are currently paying for a text to give service or are considering a provider that charges monthly, you may want to weigh your options. At Anedot, every account gets text to give completely free.

Easy to implement

Text to give is quick and easy to implement and set up. Once you sign up with a service provider and choose a keyword, church members can give right away. Broadly speaking, most church members already have the equipment to make donations via text to give. In fact, 7 out of 10 churchgoers use text messaging.

What now?


If you’d like to access our free text to give service, you’ll need to apply for an Anedot account. You can apply for a free account here.

You can learn more how we serve churches here!


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