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5 ways to optimize your donation page right now

Follow these tips to optimize your donation page so you can convert donors and generate more revenue for your cause.

Online fundraising can be tricky, but creating a quality donation page is one step you can take to maximize your conversions. If a donation page is unorganized, difficult to navigate, or confusing, it defeats its own purpose of receiving donations.

So how can you make your supporters who reach your page actually donate? There are a few common reasons why prospective donors ditch your donation page or don’t give as much as you might like them to.

By following these tips, your organization will have the best chance at converting donors and generating more revenue for your cause.

Brand your donation page


A branded donation page helps build a relationship between an organization and its donors.

When you establish your organization’s brand on your donation page, you’ll instill trust with your donors.

Your branding should be consistent with marketing and other campaign materials including social media posts, Facebook ads, and email. This way, no matter how potential donors make it to your landing page, they will already be familiar with your branding and feel confident that they’re in the right place.

Create custom donation pages for every campaign

When you create unique donation pages for each of your campaigns, you increase the potential that your message will strike a chord with your potential donors.

A general donation page on your website is necessary, but having campaign specific pages is also important. You can drive up conversion rates by making sure these specific donation pages match the messaging for the individual campaigns.

The donation page becomes the final word of campaign messages that compels the donor to act - and to act soon. Even just making minor adjustments to imagery and copy can create a notable uptick in donations.

Keep the number of fields to a minimum


It’s important not to overload the donor with too many requests for personal information.

Your form should only capture the most essential information you need.

First name, last name, email, ZIP code, and mobile number – that’s it.

Too many questions will drive away your donors. Make the donation process as quick and easy as possible.

Optimize for mobile devices

Did you know mobile giving has increased by more than 200%? If your donation page doesn’t load properly on a mobile device, you could lose out on a significant number of contributions.

That’s why offering a mobile-friendly experience is no longer optional.

Making sure that your landing page looks good on a mobile device is key to converting more supporters into donors.

A few ways you can make sure your page is optimized for mobile is to streamline the design and use concise text.

Offer multiple payment options and pre-selected amounts


Providing suggested donation amounts can make the donor's experience much easier. We typically suggest using 4 to 8 amounts. Suggested gift amounts will eliminate choice barriers in the donor’s mind.

Research has shown that suggesting gift amounts leads to an increased average donation amount!

Also, providing multiple payment options will lead to higher conversion rates. For many donors, a credit card option is sufficient for giving to your organization, but for some, it isn't. Allowing for alternate payment methods, like the use of a PayPal or ApplePay, adds to the likelihood that visitors will give and will generate revenue for your organization!

Closing thoughts

Here's the bottom line: Optimize your donation page and you will see an increase in conversions.

The steps to optimization are simple - in fact, Anedot donation pages are built to help you easily follow these guidelines.

To recap:

  • Use consistent branding
  • Use unique donation pages for your different campaigns
  • Don’t go overboard with personal information fields
  • Make sure the page is optimized for mobile
  • Use pre-selected amounts + multiple payment options

Follow these guidelines and watch your conversion rate soar!


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