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4 things nonprofit organizations need to know about online giving

Learn about the four things every nonprofit organization needs to know about online giving. First, we’ll cover some recent trends in online donations, then we’ll share some crucial tips regarding online fundraising.

Online giving for nonprofit organizations is constantly changing. Technology evolves and nonprofit professionals must adapt and stay ahead of the curve in order to continue their mission. While we could write a whole book on things nonprofits should know, we’ve picked out a few highlights.

We’ll go over four things every nonprofit organization needs to know about online giving. First, we’ll cover some recent trends in online donations, then we’ll share some crucial tips regarding online fundraising.

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Overall online revenue continues to grow


In a recent study conducted by M+R, overall online revenue from nonprofits increased by 10% in 2019, compared to the year before. From a larger perspective, since 2015, nonprofit online revenue has gone up by a whopping 56%. 

It’s not a surprise that online giving is becoming a more popular way to give and receive donations. Online giving is convenient and efficient, for both you and your donor!

Your donors can easily give with a click of a button, and you are able to process online donations more quickly than offline gifts, which gives you more time and resources to put towards your mission.

Online giving forms must be mobile optimized

Did you know half of all nonprofit website traffic comes from mobile devices? Smartphones are the main choice of device when visiting nonprofit websites. This is an 11% increase in traffic over the past year, and on top of that, desktop traffic has decreased by 14%. 

Even though 61% of donations came from desktop users, donations from desktop users has decreased since last year and mobile giving has increased by 17%! 

So what does this mean? 

The future is mobile. Donations via mobile devices will continue to increase year after year. This means your nonprofit donation page must be optimized for mobile devices. Don’t let a poor mobile experience detract potential donors from giving.

Recurring giving matters


According to recent studies, recurring donors are over five times more valuable than one-time donors! 

Why is this? 

Recurring donors give to organizations consistently, whether it is monthly or weekly. There is a steady flow of revenue that comes from these donors.

Instead of giving once and then never giving again, recurring donors end up giving more as their funds are automatically drafted from their account to your organization, year-round.

This makes giving to your organization a lot more convenient. Recurring donors can support your organization, year-round, without going through the inconvenience of manually submitting their donations.

If recurring giving is executed correctly, it can provide huge growth opportunities for your organization.

Online giving must be easy

When someone wants to make an online donation, it should not be complicated. 

So put yourself in your supporter’s shoes. Do the work of going through your website and making sure it is easy to make a donation. 

Make sure your donation form is mobile-friendly, not buried deep in your website, and simple to fill out. 

On Anedot, you have the ability to create beautiful customized donation forms, which will give your supporters a seamless and user-friendly experience.

We also have many powerful features, like recurring giving and text to give. Our platform gives your supporters several accessible and easy ways to donate to your organization.

Our goal is to raise the standard for online giving and empower organizations to increase the impact of their mission.

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