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Bring back 15% of lost donors by doing this!

Learn about Donor Recovery, an automated feature in Anedot that will send someone a customized email asking them to finish their donation. 

Life is busy. Many people love your organization and want to support it, but they leave your donation page before they give.

Maybe their credit card was in another room or maybe their child needed help with something. Whatever the reason, it’s unfortunate when someone starts to make a donation but doesn’t complete the process.

We built a way to bring those donors back - it’s called Donor Recovery! Donor Recovery is an automated feature in Anedot that will send someone a customized email asking them to finish their donation. 

On average, 15% of all people who receive a Donor Recovery message come back to the donation page to complete their donation!

How to set up Donor Recovery

Here’s how you can implement Donor Recovery on your donation pages.

First, click on the Campaigns button in the top navigation. 

After you do that, click on the Donor Recovery button on the left-hand side panel. 


Next, click on the green button New Message button.


Here you can customize the subject line, the amount of time that should pass before the email is sent (30 minutes to 3 days), and the text that will be shown to potential donors.


Once you have saved your new Donor Recovery email, you need to add it to a Campaign. 

Click Edit on the campaign, and then click the More button. 


From there, you can select the Donor Recovery Message from the dropdown.


Remember, Donor Recovery emails are attached at the donation page level, so you will need to attach one to each page that you design.

And that’s it!

Now your organization can raise more money by bringing people back to your donation pages.

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