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Best fundraising ideas for political campaigns

Need ideas to fund your next political campaign? Check out our list of the best fundraising ideas for political campaigns.

Running a successful political campaign can take a lot of funding.

And with so many other political campaigns targeting the same audience as yours, you have to get creative to be successful.

Here are a few fundraising ideas that you should use to ensure the success of your campaign:

1. Online donations


One of the most significant ways you can receive donations is to have a donation platform that provides customizable landing pages and allows your supporters to give to your cause.

You can collect small or large dollar donations on these pages, and send them out using multiple mediums.

Anedot allows you to do just that! Your campaign can create an unlimited number of donation pages that you can fully customize, all without monthly costs or set up fees.

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2. Phone calls


It may seem outdated, but a phone call is a proven way to gather donations for your campaign.

Have your candidate and a group of volunteers call a list of supporters to build connections and ask for donations!

3. Text to give


Text to give is a newer resource, but is steadily growing as one of the most valuable methods of fundraising.

It works by creating a keyword that your supporters can text to a short code, which then will automatically reply back with a link to a donation page.

It is a simple way to get the donation link to your donor’s phone.

Anedot has this feature, and it's free and easy to use! All you have to do is create your donation page, set up your keyword and get to fundraising!

→ Get started with free text to give

→ Learn about peer to peer (P2P) texting for political campaigns

4. Door to door


Door-to-door fundraising is a tried and true method for building relationships and raising money, especially for smaller towns and tight-knit communities.

It can be time consuming work, but the results have shown to be worth the time and effort.

Commit regular door knocking hours into your schedule and recruit some dedicated volunteers to help you better canvas your local neighborhoods. Make sure to leave something like a leaflet to remind the voters of your campaign and what you stand for.

5. Emails


This is one of the most affordable and widely used fundraising methods to date.

Email marketing is easy to use and allows the campaign to communicate with a large amount of people all at the same time. To be successful, it's essential to grow and nurture your contact list.

You will want to grow your list organically by collecting contact information through lead generation forms you can post to social media or on other online mediums.

In addition to donation pages, Anedot has Action Pages that allow you to create customized questions and collect non-donation information to help you grow your contact list!

6. Social media campaigns


You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to post petitions or surveys to grow your list of supporters.

You can target an audience who you know will support your mission, post content related to a topic that you know will motivate them to act, and give them a strong call to action.

The call to action should be something that will help drive a solution to the issue, such as donating to your campaign or signing your petition.

7. Events


Events provide an excellent opportunity to attract a particular group of donors to support your campaign at a given place and time.

Hosting different events like auctions or meet and greets give your candidate a chance to raise funds and also build lasting relationships with members of their community.

8. Direct mail


Online fundraising requests are great, but there’s something special about old-fashioned letter campaigns.

Send a letter with an appeal explaining why they should give money to your cause, then also supply them with a pre-addressed reply envelope or detailed instructions for online donations.

This will allow your recipients to know exactly how they can support your campaign and will be more likely to take the next step.

→ Learn how to write the perfect fundraising letter

Implement these fundraising ideas today


These fundraising ideas are only the first part of a successful campaign. Now you need to act. Give these ideas a try and watch donations increase today!


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