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Action Pages: The future of digital organizing & relationship building

Learn about Action Pages and how it can help you maximize your fundraising efforts!

Anedot is a growth platform. Since our start 10 years ago, Anedot’s goal is focused and unchanging: empower organizations to increase their impact by maximizing fundraising.

Churches, campaigns, nonprofits, universities all make a positive impact in the world. These organizations rely on like-minded supporters and partners. That’s where our work begins. We exist to help these organizations grow by maximizing generosity and expanding their reach.

In the past decade, we have served more than 20,000 organizations and millions of their supporters. Today, we’re excited to announce another milestone: the future of fundraising and the next generation growth product we call Action Pages.

What is it?


Action Pages is powerful, flexible, and easy for organizations of all sizes to grow and rally support for their cause.

Simply put, Action Pages is a beautiful drag and drop custom page builder that you can use to build donation pages, petitions, survey pages, and more. Donation pages have been optimized for best practices after analyzing the forms of every product in the market including our own.

Why does it matter?

Anedot believes that every individual should have access to organize others for their cause. Today, nearly all of society is online, so we are building tools to make fundraising and growth tools available for everyone.

Action Pages is fast, easy to use, and focused on building relationships and increasing impact. You do not need to know any code to get started and can create your first donation, lead, survey, or petition page in 15 minutes.

 Want to get started on Action Pages? Get it for free today!

Action Pages vs. Campaigns


For the past ten years, Campaigns has been the tool used by Anedot customers to build beautiful donation pages that look great on every device.

Action Pages is picking up where Campaigns left off by bringing in the ability to create petitions, surveys, polls, connect cards, and more. Action Pages has unique fundraising widgets like timers, countdowns, and customizable call-to-actions.

Is Action Pages replacing Campaigns?

For now, no. Action Pages brings Campaigns to the next level in terms of online fundraising, but there’s still work to be done.

Can I still use Campaigns?

We encourage you to try out Action Pages and use it if you love it. Campaigns will still be there if you choose to use it.

What is the difference?

Campaigns is focused on receiving donations online. Action Pages is focused on receiving donations online + relationship building.

 Get started on Action Pages for free!

How do I get started?

Email our team and we’ll activate Action Pages on your account as part of our Public Beta! Our knowledge base is updated with instructions for Action Pages, visit https://help.anedot.com/ if you need any assistance!

If you do not have an Anedot account yet, you can apply for an Anedot account here. Note that we do have an underwriting process and not all accounts will be accepted.

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